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I am epic, remember that kids?

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I am epic

Why want to know??

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Posted by picothesico - June 6th, 2015


Been a REALLY long time.

Posted by picothesico - May 15th, 2015

Just to remind you all, i have music making to do, so have fun! Im going to make String Music.



Posted by picothesico - April 19th, 2015

I am so awesome, i made some new music. So hello NG, and hello new NG's! So on soundcloud i made an electronic music play! So when i made it, i need to figure out how to upload to NG. Send me PM's, or any way to tell. Look at my websites, click soundcloud, then listen to "Dagger"Just got Better New! I add "Dagger" Danger C: New! "Dagger" Flying through the Gems or Crystals! Sounds awesome! I made more, look for yourselves!


I aint mean to make LOL in playlist, i was just bored. Made some #### for you all :D

Posted by picothesico - March 29th, 2015

Well hello NG once again. i have decided to play games and make art all day! Soundcloud is pethetic. There more things we can do and share, either pee in a bowl :). So for fans i can give them my stuff. Hey im not CREEPY.

Goodbye friends!

Remeber if your a hater read this:                                I

I                                 I                       MY                  EAT

YAM                           YAM                MOM                SHH

A                                STEW              FAH                 TEE

AS                             PEED                TEE         

WHOLE                                               AS

Posted by picothesico - March 28th, 2015

Hello NG! I am still here. Now tlets talk BUILDING. Give me a site where i can make Battle of the Legends. Hey, i like the game! Because i made it! Get it? Ok nevermind that, look at the sites i have. Roblox and Newgrounds. Im going to put Blockland, Minecraft also so, don't worry. Roblox has the link to my real charatcter that i forgot the password to. Type ilostsipderman at the top! Alright, goodbye all!

Posted by picothesico - February 7th, 2015

Well i had art i made,but nothing else. I made a music tune. Did you all like it or not? I need comments and some reviews.I can make art,but i don't know how to make a game,and movies.So if anyone sends me message to be able to make those two will give you free items. Not being creepy for those others. Im working on a game named Battle of Legends. I made the art already and medals. Just need something to make game.

  • First of all what ever i DO is epic.
  • Second i am awesome
  • Third look at my art                                                      Forget this part for a moment...
  • Fourth no haters.
  • Fifth i like everything i have no faves.
  • Sixth i just told you some about my self

Forget those parts. Now let's move on. So when im going to make Battle of the Legends i need some volunteers. So i will pick out some. Well i might not make the game. Maybe i would maybe not. Because it seems kinda crazy to so. The game will only be on Newgrounds. Please Newgrounds do not put my game on another site ok? Showcase: Alone isn't that cool so i deleted it. Yes i did. Same to my audio. Thanks.

Posted by picothesico - February 6th, 2015

am epic....im known FOR art. 

IF i can make a game it would be battle of the legends.dont judge you fools out there....Ima make something epic! like trash in a bowl.for idiots ima make a game where you can umm play like a virtual world. this wouldn't be easy....Well toodles!  TOODLESS!!!!!!!!!!!

Yah bad news....Newground deleted my art. Such horrible right?